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Fishbourne Book

The Fishbourne Book was produced by a local group of volunteers called The Fishbourne Book Group, and was funded by a Local Heritage Initiative Grant

Front cover of the Fishbourne Book

Compiled in a single year, The Fishbourne Book was published in March 2006. On the day of publication there was a queue of Fishbourne residents waiting to buy their copy.

The Book does not aspire to be a comprehensive village history, but forms a patchwork of village life over the last century. It is composed of interviews and contributions from people who have a real affection for the village, and gives you a real idea of what Fishbourne was and is like to live in.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • Village Life
  • Village People
  • Groups and Gatherings
  • Heritage and History

It also contains lots of photographs of the village over the years, and makes a fascinating read.

All the copies of the book were sold in 2006.  Several copies are available on loan from Chichester Library and a copy is available in the Reference Library. Second hand copies of the book may come up for sale in second hand bookshops in Chichester from time to time.