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Tree Wardens

Pictures of Trees Usually appointed by parish councils, Tree Wardens are volunteers, playing an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods. Activities vary according to the particular strengths and enthusiasm of the Tree Wardens themselves and the local needs. Among the tasks involved are:

  • Surveying local trees and gathering information about them - to develop ideas for projects, discover where practical help and advice is needed and become aware of threats to trees that may need bringing to the attention of the local authority.
  • Protecting trees and woods - locals often see what needs to be done before council officials. Tree Wardens play a vital role be informing the local authority of threats to trees, so helping to ensure compliance with tree preservation orders and planning consents. They can look out for trees showing signs of disease and decay and for vandalism to newly planted trees.
  • Organising, or encouraging others to organise, practical activities such as planting and caring for new trees, woodland management, or setting up tree nurseries using locally gathered seed. As well as playing an important role in annual Tree Council initiatives like Seed Gathering Sunday and Trees Love Care, Tree Wardens often spearhead new projects such as the Hedge Tree Campaign to reserve the decline of trees in hedges. A recent initiative has been encouraging 'Trees For Shade' - planting trees where people congregate.

We have one Tree Warden in Fishbourne.

West Sussex County Council does offer small grants to help in the planting of trees and hedgerows in the County. If you have an idea for a project have a look at the County Council's web pages for more information.


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