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Local Businesses


Whatever you need there may be a local business who can help.

Fishbourne has a wide variety of local businesses,  including animal feed suppliers, mower services and osteopaths. Use the links below to find out more.

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If you would like to advertise your business here, contact Mike Lander.

The Parish Council shows no preference or gives any endorsement to any of the companies or products listed and wishes to highlight the alternative options available.

  1. Animal Feed Suppliers

    Contacts for H.M Scarterfield and Son

    Telephone: 01243 572732
    Fax: 01243 576899

    Full details for H.M Scarterfield and Son

  2. Kennels and Catteries

    Contacts for Tharfield Kennels and Cattery

    Telephone: 01243 572246

    Full details for Tharfield Kennels and Cattery


Mike Lander

Tel: 01243 780699
Full details for Mike Lander