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Age with Confidence


West Sussex County Council have a page on their website with a link to a survey on the above topic

In West Sussex, our focus is on supporting people, their families and communities to take responsibility, in order to reduce the reliance on public services and improve quality of life in old age.
We want to make sure that people are confident in preparing for and living well in old age. All the organisations making up the West Sussex Cooperative share this vision. In order to achieve it we will:
be at the leading edge of new ways of working to address the impact of an ageing population;
improve the planning and coordination of services to make sure they are in place to help and support a more independent elderly population in West Sussex, within a supportive community;
support early diagnosis of problems, such as dementia, raising awareness and making sure there is better coordination of services to reduce the need for crisis management of an individual's care;
work to deliver personalised services and budgets for everyone who needs support;
make sure that everyone needing access to a service will know what is available and be helped to make choices based on their needs;
enable families to plan ahead and be aware of the services on offer before they need them, for example, accommodation, support at home and financial planning;
work with local communities, voluntary organisations and other groups to support innovative ways of meeting care needs; and
support those with long-term disabilities and their carers.

Please see the related links for further information about services and support, or read our 'statement of intent' about Age with Confidence attached below.

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