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Fishbourne Neighbourhood Plan 2014 - 2029


The Neighbourhood plan is now with Chichester District Council for their review,and open for comment for 6 weeks. Please see their website if you want to comment.

Neighbourhood Plans are part of the Government's plan to simplify planning and to involve local communities in how their neighbourhoods should develop. Fishbourne's Neighbourhood Plan will enable us all to:

Develop a shared vision for Fishbourne

Choose where new homes and facilities should be built

Influence what new buildings should look like

Identify and protect important local green spaces

Set infrastructure criteria that would need to be met before any development proposal would be recommended.

Identify improvements in community facilities

Improve safety on roads, pavements and public rights of way

Access funding to help with implementation...

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There are 4 files attached containing bite size parts of the plan, file 1 contains the Cover through to end of section 2, file 2 contains sections 3 and 4, file 3 contains section 5, file 4 contains section 6 and the appendix.

There is also the complete plan, Basic Conditions document, and The Consultation Statement.

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