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Lynne Greenwell

I was born in Hammersmith London, but spent my formative years living in West Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne. I Obtained a BSc in Cognitive Psychology through the Open University whilst bringing up my two children, Rachel (26) and Andrew (24).  I qualified as a Midwife at Newcastle medical school/ university in 1998. It was also around this time I became a Magistrate and served on the Gateshead Bench for 2 Years, Chaired Education Appeals and was an active member in the Emergency response Team.
My husband's job brought us all to Fishbourne in November 2000, First to Clay Lane and there afterwards to Barker Close. I have worked as a Midwife in Worthing and Chichester Hospitals and communities.  While living in Fishbourne I have also worked as an Infant Nutrition Specialist for Heinz, Mead Johnson and lately Hipp Organic. I also have several years' experience as a Medical Representative in the Pharmaceutical   Industry.
In 2001 I obtained an MSc in Medical Ethics and Law at Imperial College London.
I am still active on the Western Magistrates Bench, in Chichester and Worthing where I have also   spent 8 years on the Family Bench.
I am interested in local issues and History, reading and would love to ride my bike again (I broke my arm on the last attempt.) I like to think of myself as approachable, with a good sense of humour, and I love my cats. I have 2 Poppy and Harvey.


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