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Jean Radley

I was born in Birmingham but left to join the Royal Air Force. After serving 5 years, I settled in Norfolk and had 2 children. In 1973, I was employed by a local authority as a lowly Committee Clerk. In those days if you served Planning Committee, which I did, you ended up doing footpath orders, tree preservation and demolition orders. Not forgetting naming and numbering new estates. Somewhere in Thetford there is a road called Florence Nightingale Way, all due to me. In the mid 80s, I moved to a Shropshire Council doing Committee work but also organising elections.  I was also Parish Clerk to 2 small Parish Councils, one for 15 years. During this time, I was able to obtain the the MBA. The last stage in my 35 year Local Government career was a move to a Council in Godalming in 1998. It was then when I decided to commute from Fishbourne because the house and neighbours were so welcoming. I became responsible for the Committee Services, Electoral Registration, all elections and Parish Liaison. In my spare time, I served on the Youth Offender Panel and became an Independent Member of Arun District Council Standard's Committee.
On retiring from full-time work, I was appointed by the Planning Inspectorate to be a Programme Officer. The role is to support Planning Inspectors at Planning Inquiries into planning applications and organising hearings for Local Plans. This year I resigned from the Standard's Committee and but continue to do voluntary work 2 days a week at St Richards Hospital, regularly walk my daughter's  dogs or be on call for the school run for my 3 great-grandchildren.


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